Can Samsung beat Apple by spending more on advertising?

On February 3, 2013, Samsung broadcasted a celebrity-studded ad as part of its Next Big Thing ad campaign during the Super Bowl. Samsung spent $15 million for a 2-minute spot that reached 111 million viewers – mostly American football fans.

Meanwhile, Apple announced an investment of $2-$3 million to open a new retail store in Indonesia which would reach 300 million customers in the coming years – quite a few them bound to be Apple Fans.

Over the last few years, Samsung and Apple have emerged as the two biggest smartphone brands with very different strategies. Samsung has spent big on advertising on its way to capture market share while Apple has invested in its retail stores to build brand advocates around the world.

Is Samsung’s approach working?

A key slide in the mobileYouth 2013 Report compares consumer generated conversation relevant to Apple and Samsung. Volume of conversations around Samsung momentarily surge above Apple related talk when Samsung launches a new ad campaign.  After the initial hysteria, Samsung loses its relevance and people stop talking about the brand. Samsung has responded to this with increased ad spending as evidenced by its Super Bowl ad.

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