The mobileYouth Show #24: How can ethnography reveal lines of influence among teens?

In the 24th episode of The mobileYouth Show, Freddie Benjamin shares a story about young teens and mobile from the slums of Hyderabad in India.

This is a story about 3 Indian teens in the Hafeezpet slums of Hyderabad. Their names are Irfan, Kulbeer and Sai. All three attend school or work during the day but hangout at a medical store in their neighborhood in the evenings, mostly talking about mobile phones, accessing the internet on their phones and downloading content they discover.

Find out how one of the three teens stands out as the major influencer when it comes to mobile purchase decisions and what can brands and development organizations learn from this?

The story of the three teens is derived from ethnographic research conducted by anthropologists Nimmi Rangaswammy and Edward Cutrell.

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