The mobileYouth Show #28: How can brands collaborate with startups to innovate?

In the 28th episode of The mobileYouth Show, Freddie Benjamin discusses how big brands like Vodafone have partnered with startups to drive innovation.

In a previous post, we discussed how brands can implement the collaborative innovation process through hackathons. Hackathons are a great way to not just implement the co-creation process but also go build a permission asset where people with a common passion come together. While hackathon is one option, mobile brands also have another option – incubations centers for new start-ups launched by young entrepreneurs.

Vodafone is a great example of a mobile company who has been investing in startups in the US since 2011 via its startup accelerator Xone. Xone is very different from the reality TV style contests where startups compete to reach the final and win a cash prize. It is not a marketing campaign but a permission asset for Vodafone that is sustainable over the long term.

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