The mobileYouth Show #29: What do youth want – Ownership vs Access?

In the 29th episode of The mobileYouth Show, Freddie Benjamin discusses the difference between ownership and access as pereived by youth and which of the two do youth prefer.

Zipcar, the world’s #1 car sharing company, released a study that showed 18-34 year olds in the US were growing more and more hesitant to own a car. 78% of licensed drivers cited high maintenance costs and the inconvenience of parking as the #1 reason why they preferred a Zipcar membership over owning their own car. The research went on to show that youth spend more time on social media channels on their smartphones than drive around. So does this mean youth are giving up cars for smartphones?

Ethnographic research reveals two key insights:

1. Youth don’t want to own cars. They want access to a car when they need it.
2. Youth are not substituting a car with a smartphone. They are delaying ownership of a car.

In our recent briefing on handset pricing for youth, we found out that more young people have access to smartphones through friends and family while the actual ownership numbers are quite low.

This leads us to the big question: Do youth really want to own smartphones in the first place? Or put differently – What is more important for youth – smartphone ownership or smartphone access? Watch the video to find out.

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