The mobileYouth Show #30: Why should mobile brands focus on mobile video chat?

In the 30th episode of The mobileYouth Show, Freddie Benjamin discusses how mobile video is no longer an ‘emerging’ trend but is already making its mark with young smartphone owners.

Mobile video is no longer an emerging trend. It is here and a big part of mobile’s future as demonstrated in our research briefing.

We do not need to look any further than Tango to find an evidence for this. Tango launched as a mobile only video chat app in late 2010 and within 9 months of its launch had  17 million registered users. To put this into perspective, Skype celebrate 9 million users within a year of its launch on PC in 2004.

Find out how youth are using popular mobile video chat apps like Oovoo, Tango and Tinychat and what it means to mobile brands.

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