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How to Dress Up as Aqua of Konosuba

If you love Aqua of Konosuba then check out our guide to creating your own costume of her!




How to Dress Up as Aqua of Konosuba

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Cosplaying has become such a huge phenomenon because few can resist the allure of cute yet intriguing characters. Aqua of the Konosuba anime is an excellent example of what makes cosplaying so fun, and any fan of Konosuba would love to dress up as this hyper-honest yet occasionally stubborn goddess. If an Aqua costume is up your alley then continue reading to find out how you can become Aqua of Konosuba.

What You Need for your Aqua of Konosuba Costume

Like many anime characters, Aqua of Konosuba has a fairly intricate and unique looking outfit. That means that the items necessary for completing this cosplay can be a little tricky to find. That’s why we’re going to start off by organizing what it is exactly that you’ll be needing for your Aqua cosplay.

First off, you will need a long wig that is colored light blue or cyan. Or better said, an aqua colored wig. Aqua has very long hair so this wig should be around 100cm or 3 feet long.

Next comes Aqua’s apparel. Aqua has a blue and white colored sleeveless dress with a yellow border at the bottom. She also sports some half sleeved arm covers that are white colored with some blue and yellow at the ends. She has knee high white stockings that are covered by knee high blue boots too.

One of the more distinguished items of Aqua’s outfit is her teal colored bow tie. She also uses a blue orb as a hair pin to give her a long pony tail that comes out from the center of her head.

Where you can Acquire an Aqua of Konosuba costume

Looking for items to complete your Aqua of Konosuba cosplay can be challenging as her outfit looks very specific. One could always try to do a DIY outfit but not everyone has the skills or experience necessary to create one.

Luckily, there are cosplay websites that currently have Aqua cosplay costumes ready to purchase right now. One such website is, where you can buy everything you need to complete your Aqua costume.

For the long teal wig, you can find it right here. It is 100cm long which makes it the perfect size and length. The wig is lightweight and can be easily shaped into the appropriate style and ponytail.Aqua Blue Cosplay Wig
For Aqua’s dress you can acquire it right here from the same site. It is available in several sizes so you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit you or not. It comes with everything you’ll need, including the bowtie and the knee high socks.Aqua Cosplay Costume
All it is missing are Aqua’s long blue boots. Luckily, you can find them right here to have the complete set of the Aqua of Konosuba cosplay.Aqua Cosplay Boots

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