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Berserk Season 3 – When Will It Be Returning?

Berserk Season 3 is highly anticipated, but when is it expected to come out? Find out by reading all the info we were able to find.




Berserk Season 3

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The Berserk anime that started in 2016 has become quite a huge cult classic over the past few years. Being an adaptation of the original 1997 anime which itself was based off of the classic manga series from 1989, fans have only been given two dozen episodes across two separate seasons. As the years have gone by, more and more people are getting into the show and beginning to ask the same question – where is Berserk season 3?

What We Know About Berserk Season 3

Unfortunately, as of January 2020, there have been no official announcements from GEMBA or any other of the production studios responsible for the first two seasons of Berserk

Perusing the internet about Berserk season 3 will turn up a few different speculations as to the nature of its release. Many fans claim that a 2020 release is either very likely or certain, with many others stating that a 2021 or 2022 release to really be the case.

While it would be lovely to receive Berserk season 3 this year, unfortunately this is all merely guesswork. Because the show is a success, one can assume that Berserk is indeed not canceled and the show may very well be in the stages or production as we speak.

Since the production studios have not made any official announcement of Berserk’s cancellation, and because the show clearly has quite a lot of demand for it, we can rest easy knowing that Berserk season 3 will appear eventually.

However, we have just begun 2020 and predictions that the third season of Berserk would appear in 2019 have appeared to be proven incorrect. Without any hard evidence no one knows for sure when Berserk season 3 will actually appear.

What You Can Do In The Meantime Waiting for Berserk Season 3

When you are waiting for the next season of your favorite show to release, the wait can feel like an eternity. While we can all relate to this, it would be wisest to spend your time doing something other than posting more threads expressing your (understandable) impatience over Berserk season 3.

The Berserk franchise is a long running titan of the manga and anime circles. If you really loved the first two seasons of Berserk then you would probably very much enjoy checking out the rest of what the franchise has to offer.

For one thing, you could start reading the manga. It’s admittedly a pretty large series with a total of 40 volumes that is still ongoing to this day. It’s undeniably an epic saga so if you are worried that the wait for Berserk season 3 is going to take too long, feel free to dive into the ever growing source material.

While most fans are probably already well aware by now, the original Berserk anime came out in 1997 and much like the 2016 version it is considered a classic by many people. If you have a Berserk fix that needs to be scratched then consider watching the original 25 episodes that focus on both the Black Swordsman arc and the Golden Age arc.

Another thing you can and probably should do is introduce your friends into the Berserk anime. This ends up being a win-win scenario for you. On one hand you’ll be able to share your love for Berserk with the people you know best, and on the other hand the Berserk series will end up accumulating more views. I think we all know that more views tends to translate pretty well into getting more episodes funded, so if you really want Berserk season 3 to come out then start spreading the word!


While the wait for Berserk season 3 still continues even into the new year, hopefully we will all be able to curb our impatience by savoring in the rest that this franchise has to offer. Good things come to those who wait, after all. Hopefully all this time spent waiting will mean that the next season of Berserk will be the best one yet.

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