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How to Dress Up as Jon Snow

Putting together a Jon Snow costume is pretty easy. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to put one together cheaply.




How to Dress Up as Jon Snow

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Jon Snow is one of the most revered characters in Game of Thrones, the critically-acclaimed HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s also an awesome choice for a cosplay costume.

Played by Kit Harington, Jon Snow is raised as the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Burdened by his bastard status, and an outsider within his own family, Snow leaves to join the Night’s Watch in order to make something of his life, guarding the far northern borders of Westeros. He goes on to fight and to grapple with his identity as both a Stark and a Targaryen, and as the natural heir to the Iron Throne.

With a solemn demeanor and brooding good looks to boot, what more could you want in a hero?

This guide takes you through everything you’ll need if you want to dress up like Jon Snow and bring the King in The North to life (again).

What You’ll Need

If you happen to have a beard and a head of dark, tousled locks, you’re already halfway there. But there are a few other key details required to truly look the part.

Starting with the under-layers, you’ll need a pair of black, leather-look pants and a long-sleeved black undershirt. Black leather or faux leather full-finger gloves are a must,full-finger gloves
as well as a pair of black, knee-high riding boots.knee-high riding boots
One of the more critical pieces is the tunic or buckled vest. This leather armor should ideally tie up at the back and feature a split-front skirt for full flexibility during battle. If you’re using a simple black faux-leather tunic, you can add some extra detail by looping two black belts in a cross over your chest.

Jon also wears a black belt with the strap looped over the buckle and slung slightly to the side. Our courageous hero is almost never seen without his extravagant cloak to protect against the harsh cold. For this, you’ll need a full-length black cloak with a faux fur collar or shawl.

jon snow cosplay costume
Finally, the longclaw.You’ll need a medieval style sword to carry on your left hip for the finishing touch in your Jon Snow cosplay outfit.jon snow sword
If you want to take it to the next level, you can also complete the Jon Snow look with a fake scar over your left eye. For this, you can use some scar makeup.scar makeup
And if you don’t have those luscious locks, you’ll definitely need a wig!jon snow cosplay wig