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Here’s How You Can Cosplay as Megumin of KonoSuba

If you’re trying to find out where to buy or how to create a megumin costume, check out this quick guide!




Costume Guide for Megumin

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There is no shortage of absolutely adorable yet charming characters in the world of anime, and Megumin of KonoSuba may very well be one of anime’s most lovable creations. That’s why today I’m going to talk about how you can acquire your own Megumin costume so you can cosplay as KonoSuba’s most energetic arch wizard!

Costume Guide for Megumin

In order to fully pull off your own Megumin cosplay DIY, you’ll need to have all of the right apparel and accessories.

First you’ll need three of Megumin’s most iconic accessories: her wizard hat, her magic staff and her red eye patch stitched with a white cross.

Next you’ll need to get her red tunic complete with a black leather belt that wraps around the waistline.

After that you’ll need Megumin’s cape which is depicted as purple or black but also has an orange border going all around it. Megumin also wears black gloves that lack finger sleeves.

Then you’ll have to move onto Megumin’s legs and feet. She wears long brown boots, one black legging on her left and white bandages wrapped around her right leg.

The last thing you’ll (probably) need to finally complete your Megumin dress is a wig. You could always style your hair if it is a close enough color and length, but odds are you’ll be better off purchasing or making the wig for yourself.

To learn more about where you can acquire all of these parts to complete your Megumin cosplay, read below to find links to all of the necessary parts!

Full Cosplay Sets for Megumin

For those who are in a rush and want to have all of the necessary items for the Megumin cosplay delivered to their door, you are in luck. There are a couple of places online where you can buy a near-complete set of this KonoSuba cosplay.

CosplayFm’s Megumin Cosplay KonoSuba Costume

See on Etsy

CosplayFm Megumin Cosplay KonoSuba CostumeThis great outfit comes from a very reputable cosplay costume vendor from Etsy. CosplayFM has done a great job with creating costumes for various characters from well-known franchises like Disney movies, Marvel movies and Nintendo games. Luckily, for all aspiring KonoSuba cosplayers out there, they deal with anime characters as well.

This Megumin dress comes with nearly every accessory needed to pull off the Megumin look. The hat and the eye patch are included along with the appropriate colors on the dress and the cape.

CosplayFM also makes the Megumin dress in multiple sizes and you can even ask for a custom fitted size if necessary. This makes this site a great place to get your Megumin cosplay costume.

CostumeFans’ Megumin Cosplay Anime Costume

See on Etsy

CostumeFans' Megumin Cosplay Anime Costume

Another wonderful place to purchase a Megumin cosplay costume is from the CostumeFans page which is also found on Etsy.

Like the previous costume we looked at, this costume is very accurate to the original Megumin look from the KonoSuba anime. There are some slight aesthetic differences that may appeal to you based on your own tastes and preferences.

The biggest difference is that the hat and the cape are more of a purple shade instead of black. Megumin’s cape is depicted in both colors in various instances, so choosing the cape’s color can be entirely left to your discretion.

Just like with the previous Megumin cosplay, you can indeed choose your preferred size or ask for a custom fit to be made for you. Keep in mind that the CostumeFans’ Megumin costume does not include the wig or the boots.

While both of these outfits have just about everything you need to pull off a Megumin cosplay, you have probably noticed that they are both lacking one of the essential ingredients of this outfit: Megumin’s staff! That’s why I’m going to show you how you can get your own magic staff now.

Megumin Staff Buy

If you want to purchase your own Megumin staff then one of the best places to get it will be at AliExpress right here. It’s a very well-crafted item that is over 5 feet long so it could be up to scale.Megumin Staff
Another great source to purchase Megumin’s staff would be at Amazon right here. It’s also over 5 feet long and will complete the Megumin look perfectly with this cosplay staff.Megumin Staff

Megumin Staff DIY

For anyone who is in the mood to create their own Megumin staff then you are in luck. This Youtuber right here documented their time and the necessary steps to make their own Megumin staff out of ordinary materials. If you are confident with your arts and crafts skills then this process could end up saving you some cash.

Single-Item Megumin Cosplay Links

Anyone looking for ways to purchase items separately for their Megumin cosplay can find individual links here.

For Megumin’s wig you can locate it right here from Amazon.Megumin Wig
For Megumin’s boots these tan colored boots from Forever at Amazon would work perfectly, found here.Megumin Boots
Megumin’s hat in several sizes can be purchased from Etsy here.Megumin Hat
Megumin’s tunic cape can be found right here, also from Etsy.Megumin Cape

Megumin Cosplays In Effect

One of the best ways to perfect any cosplay outfit is to see how others are already doing it. That’s why to help you get in the spirit of your own KonoSuba cosplay, here are a few people pulling off the Megumin look wonderfully.

View this post on Instagram

Megumin WIP pics! 🤩 I bought her cosplay in a half price sale late last year, the cost/time ratio was right & I wanted to cosplay her since I first saw her 😚 Despite buying the costume I still had a bit of work to do. I fixed the ribbons, buttons, added wire to the hat & added extra fabric to the bottom of the skirt since it was too short (I'm 153cm lol work that out 😂). I hated the boot covers so I bought some boots, cut the tops of the covers off, serged them to stop fraying & super glued them on. Finally the staff! It's made of EVA foam with a PVC pipe going through both pieces. The foam was dremeled to shape, heat sealed, primed in plastidip & hand painted in acrylic paint. I chose to paint her staff a darker colour since it's meant to be the same colour as her boots & I chose a darker boot colour because I liked it more 😜 The 'orb' is a clear Christmas bauble that I lightly sanded the inside of, placed a Remote LED light & some glitter organza fabric inside to defuse/hide the bulb. To make the orb appear like it's hovering, I glued wire to the orb & then tied the other end to yarn needles that I pushed into the foam on an angle. Since the yarn needles are so thick they didn't need any adhesive! Thanks to @siniztersnaps for the photo & his help 😘 . . . #konosuba #megumin #konosubacosplay #megumincosplay #cosplaywip #cosplaybuild #prop #propmaking #konosubarashiisekainishukufukuwo #anime #cosplayersofinstagram #manga #cosplay #kawaiicosplay #めぐみん #このすば #コスプレ #コスプレイヤー #この素晴らしい世界に祝福を #EXPLOSION

A post shared by 🌸 Emi 🌸 (@emi.apollo) on

Let these cosplays in action inspire you to go out and perform your own Megumin cosplay to the best of your ability. I hope you’ve had fun learning about how to create your own Megumin and KonoSuba cosplay and here’s to having infinitely more fun wearing the outfit yourself!

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