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Here’s How to Dress Up as Patrick Bateman of American Psycho

Dressing like Patrick Bateman isn’t hard. Follow the steps in this article to put together a costume using things you already have and a couple of cheap props.




How to Dress Up as Patrick Bateman

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If there’s any character that perfectly combines style, class and psychotic tendencies, it must be Patrick Bateman. Businessman by day and homicidal killer by night, he wowed audiences in the great film based on a novel American Psycho—not only with his encyclopedic knowledge of music or business cards, but his brutal dark side. If you need a costume that captures both of these moods at once for Halloween, a costume party, or cosplay, then find out below how you can transform yourself into Patrick Bateman.

What You Need to Become Patrick Bateman

The Patrick Bateman costume is interesting because in a way it really is more like two costumes in one. Don’t get discouraged by that as the setup is still relatively simple. All of the items you need for this transformation are fairly easy to come by.

The Patrick Bateman costume is divided into two parts: the businessman suit, and the killer raincoat.

For the businessman suit you’ll need a black pinstripe suit, a red necktie and a buttoned down shirt that is both white and light blue. You’ll also need some dark colored suspenders. The ones Patrick Bateman wears are dark blue, but black will also be fine.

As for the shoes, they need to be black dress shoes. Patrick Bateman wears black leather shoes but as long as your shoes look close enough to his then you won’t need to buy anything else.

There are also a couple of optional accessories you can add to jazz up the look. There are many scenes from American Psycho where Bateman is wearing a fancy gold watch and sunglasses. They’re not necessary but they’re something to keep in mind in case you happen to already own them.

Next, let’s discuss the killer half of this killer costume. Patrick Bateman is best remembered as sporting a transparent raincoat over his business suit. Additionally, he is covered in blood wielding a small fire axe.

The great thing about this costume is that it allows you to switch between regular businessman Patrick Bateman and psycho-killer Bateman by just putting on the raincoat, grabbing your fake axe and putting on some fake blood for added effect.

Where to get the Patrick Bateman Costume

As mentioned earlier, acquiring the Patrick Bateman apparel is fairly simple. All the items can be found easily online.

For starters the suit and red tie can both be found here, although this 5-piece comes with a standard white dress shirt.Suit
A two-toned version that better matches Bateman’s apparel can be found here.Dress shirt
A simple pair of black oxford shoes can be nabbed right here.Oxford Shoes
As for accessories, a golden and silver watch can be acquired here.Quartz Watch
As for the killer half of this costume, you’ll need a clear raincoat from hereRaincoat
a fake axe from hereFake Axe
and lastly some fake blood to pour all over yourself which you can buy from here.Fake blood