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How to Dress Up as Ragnar Lothbrok of Vikings

Are you a fan of the hit show Vikings? Here’s how to dress up as none other than the show’s antagonist, Ragnar Lothbrok.




Ragnar Lothbrok of Vikings

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Dressing up as warriors or soldiers is no new concept, but if you’re in the mood to express your inner fighter then why not become a legend who is both famous in folklore and on TV? Ragnar Lothbrok, the protagonist of the TV series Vikings, is the best of both worlds. He has a viking outfit that is simple but also easily recognizable.

What You Need to Become Ragnar Lothbrok

Several key items will be necessary to complete your transformation into Ragnar Lothbrok. Fortunately, this costume is not hard to finish so you can become Ragnar in no time.

There are a total of 10 items or accessories you’ll need. Let’s begin with the main apparel. First is a medieval style tunic that should look appropriately worn out. You’ll then need a chest plate that has light leather armor, the kind that Ragnar himself preferred. For the pants, they simply need to be made out of a basic cloth and be colored brown. Lastly you’ll need a fur cape to bring the look together.

Additionally you’ll need some simple suede brown boots that should look about as worn out as the tunic. A black or dark brown leather belt will be necessary to literally and figuratively tie the whole costume together.

Next come the accessories. No warrior, viking or otherwise, is complete without weaponry. Ragnar like many vikings used a small battle axe. It should have a wooden handle and have leather straps tied all around it for both grip and style.

While Ragnar doesn’t always use a shield, he did indeed bring one out on occasion. You can decide if you want to add a wooden and leather viking-style shield to your costume.

Ragnar also had a silver bracelet that represented the clan he was from. This item is the most distinguished item of this entire costume set and is known as the Ragnar bracelet.

Lastly, and this is technically not an accessory, you will need a large viking beard to really give off a viking aura. If you already have one or have enough time to grow your own then you are in luck. Otherwise you’ll need to settle for a fake beard.

Where to Get Ragnar Lothbrok Costume

Because most of the Ragnar costume items can be easily found online, you should have no issue acquiring everything you need.

For one thing, most of the items you need to become Ragnar Lothbrok can be acquired all at once from This outfit comes with a brown tunic and pants, long boots, a leather belt, a chest plate and Ragnar’s trademark battle axe and red shield.

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Ragnar Lothbrok Costume

Lastly, you’ll still need Ragnar’s cape, beard and his silver bracelet.

A great and stylish fur cape can be found hereViking Cape
and a fake beard that approximates the size of Ragnar’s facial hair can be bought hereRagnar's facial hair
As for his iconic Ragnar bracelet, a fantastic and highly accurate replica can be seen right here.Ragnar bracelet