About mobileYouth®

What is mobileYouth®?

mobileYouth is a research advisory firm focused on the youth mobile market.

We help clients better understand young mobile owners through research and consultancy. We sell our annual Mobile Youth Report to over 80 countries and 300+ clients.

We are a team of digital anthropologists, published authors and research analysts. mobileYouth was founded by Graham Brown and Josh Dhaliwal in 2001 to provide IT, telecoms and media clients with research on youth mobile culture.

We work with major brands such as Nike, Vodafone and MTV who want to reach out to the next generation of customers but are uncertain how to do that and confused as to how to reach them. We work with you to understand your business model and provide market reports on how the next generation uses mobile phones and the implications for your business. We provide you with information on “why” your prospects are using mobile phones the way they are and help you understand the implications for your business, so that you can make meaningful decisions on how to connect with these users now, and also in the future.

What did you say about us?

“mobileYouth is much more relevant than any other agency because it hasn’t polluted the well. It’s in the frontline, it’s integral to what’s happening, while all the rest of the agencies are at arms length trying to engage youth without really understanding it. Staying relevant is about challenging conventional wisdom with non-traditional thinking. You need to be in the frontline to do this. You need to go to the Gemba. That’s what you [mobileYouth] do. You connect the dots all over the world and share it with others.”
- John Waraniak, VP Technology SEMA

“They worked with our team in a professional and methodical manner which we found valuable and inspiring.”
- Daniele Roma, Segment Manager, Nokia Brasil

“This report brought out by Mobile Youth has had some amazing findings.”
- Paul O’Neil, CEO Boost Mobile

“A thoroughly informative and enjoyable read. I was particularly impressed with the deconstruction of perceptions of youth and fashion”
- Daniel Bevis, Intranet Administrator, Leo Burnett

“mobileYouth has been very helpful in the development of Vodafone’s approach to delivery of content in a responsible manner”
- Caroline Dewing, Corporate Communications Mgr Vodafone

“Graham Brown’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade”
- Marc Kornberger, Student Village

How is mobileYouth® unique?

Youth research is very broad. While we provide data and trends, our core value is distinct. mobileYouth research is cultural insight. We explain why youth use mobile phones in certain ways. We provide a framework for understanding behavior clients can use to predict the future trajectory of technology and mobile culture.

Why study youth mobile culture?

With 1.8 billion youth cell phone accounts around the world, the youth mobile market is worth $360 billion annually – 10x the size of the global recorded music industry. mobileYouth research shows the trend is growth – 50% in the next 4 years with emerging markets a significant proportion of the growth. mobileYouth’s recent survey data shows by 2012, one in five of the world’s mobile phone owning youth will be living in India. (research sources mobileYouth report).

What are your core areas of study?

  • youth mobile behavior
  • mobile operator branding
  • influences on handset purchasing decisions
  • price points and loyalty
  • content services (e.g. video, payments, music)
  • role of fans and influence in success of mobile services

Find out more about our study areas here.

Do you do events/media interviews etc?

We are open to quality speaking requests at industry conferences and paid client presentations. Find out more about Media & speaking requests.

Discover the Mobile Generation

The Mobile Youth Book"A compelling exploration of how the mobile youth culture revolution is driving our increasingly social and mobile future" - Derek Baird, Director Product Development, Disney"This book offers instant texture to anyone confused by the core technology driver" - Edward O'Meara, SVP Wunderman"What makes this book such a great read is that’s it’s written as a narrative in the life of different young people around the world" - Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village* Kindle/iPad version from Amazon * Paperback from Amazon * PDF download online
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